The Horror in Leadership and Fears of Nandi CEC for Education Mrs.Valentine Chumo

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Mrs. Valentine Chumo, Nandi’s Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) is at a loose end of her career with the County Assembly of Nandi holding her fate.


MCAs approved her impeachment after Chumo had difficulties explaining why none of the 120 ECD centers had been completed. 

The CEC appeared before the Committee on Education that is chaired by Hon Emmanuel Mengich and was grilled for three-hours.

The committee members questioned her over the loss of resources and building materials meant for construction of ECD centers.

 Fears of the County Assembly


 Mrs. Valentine Chumo was at a loss to explain why none of the 120 ECD centres had been completed and could not explain why thousands of bags of cement lay unused at several incomplete ECD centers. 

According to the County Assembly of Nandi it were only two months before the end of the 2018/2019 financial year yet the Mrs. Chumo had nothing to show for what the department had done.

The horror in Leadership

“Valentine Chemeli Chumo is a holder of Bachelor of Arts Degree in Design from the University of Nairobi. She has worked as a project manager for Projects Intelligence group, whose tasks included overseeing and managing the provision of services on the online e-commerce platform.

Mrs. Chumo is also entrepreneur and mentor and is currently the Director of Alpha capita Foundation, which targets to empower youth, women and disadvantaged groups through financial empowerment. Valentine is married with one child and hails from Nandi Hills Sub-County.”

Those were the words of Governor Stephen Sang in 2017 when he unveiled his cabinet. Valentine Chumo was appointed as the CECM Tourism, Culture & Social Welfare.

On August 2018, Mrs. Chumo found herself at the receiving end after it was revealed that her department had plans to acquire salon kits worth sh. six Million and county staff choir equipment worth sh. five Million.

The public outcry forced Governor Stephen Sang to make changes he said was to ‘boost service delivery’ which saw Mrs. Valentine Chumo moved to the Department of Education and Vocational Training.

Report of the Auditor General on Valentine Chumo’s Department

On March 2019, Edward Ouko , the Auditor General in his audit report on County Executive of Nandi for financial year 2017/2018 said the accuracy and propriety of the expenditure of Kshs. 16,968,889 on the construction of buildings for the financial year 2017/2018 could not be confirmed by Governor Sang’s Administration .

In its statement of receipts and payments for 2017/2018 financial year, the county executive of Nandi revealed that Ksh.16.9M was used to procure construction materials for 60 ECD Centers (two in each of the 30 wards being 2 class rooms and one office).

Ouko said the department could not provide documents on the bills of quantities and engineer’s estimate, procurement records such as requisitions, quotations, tender processing minutes, letters of award, certificate of inspection and acceptance.

It was also found out that materials procured for construction were being supplied directly to the construction sites without anybody on the site to receive and verify the quality quantity supplied.

Further, no status report was provided to indicate the level of completion but physical verification by the office of AG revealed that 39 ECDEs had not started.


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  1. This is really a total deserve to the people of Nandi.The problem of having a county Government whose chief officer donot understand or have no experience on GOK procurement procedures.You will even get some of here in Nairobi carrying Government cash worth kshs 21 million in car boots heading to general motors to purchase 3 reactors and there accessories. I mean how!!!!! That why Nandi county Government staff can walk and pick Government stores like pads and condoms in sanitary charity and toilets responsibility without due procedures. Why should Sang shifting the goal post!! Nandi people wake up and kick out this administration.

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