Arap Nam Emeet: Does Governor Sang care about the magnitude of Disruption on Nandi Residents?

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In Summary,

  • Martin Arap Nam Emeet, a resident of Nandi Hills constituency questions on the inept approach to Nandi County’s Health docket.
  • Governor Sang’s administration should have given out enough notice to its employees.
  • County Government of Nandi should have executed a survey for patients to give feedback on state of health services.

Nandi Medical, Clinical & Nursing Officers Reshuffled


This is garbage & stink of the naivity of current regime – As I had mentioned before abrupt suspension of CGN workers, termination of tenders and now abrupt reshuffles of health operatives is a menace!!

Changes are inevitable but peoples lives aren’t to be messed wit sudden changes.

It has to be a gradual seamless process thats both considerate & fair to the people affected.

These changes are in effect immediately? Really!


Was due process followed to lead to the eventuality of such a nuclear option?

Was an isolated case escalated to a systemic problem that required the blanket corrective action?

Were the health operatives given enough notice to plan on the impending moves?

Did they have a strategized criteria to follow through on the changes? Or was it on a know-you basis?? Was there a tallied perfomance/capability score card to drive the changes?

Most importantly;

Was there a survey executed that required patients to give feedback on the clics health facillities?

In essence was the health provider – patient relation considered before the moves?

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Does county government of Nandi really care about the magnitude of these disruptions on the people involved(Health officials & The patients )?

The county government of Nandi should recall the letters NOW & follow defined protocol for accomplishment!


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