At the Peak of Influential; Varsity Student Leader from Nandi on the Move for change Youth have Been ‘Roaring’ for

Leadership can emerge from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

This is a take away from Mr. Brian Too a student leader at The University of Eldoret who has stepped up to address and re-ignite youth power amongst his peers.


Having grown up in the valleys of Aldai Constituency in Nandi County, Brian has conqured all the social and economic challenges to be one of the most influential university students in Rift Valley.

 Brian’s active participation in talent promotion at the University Of Eldoret has not only earned him respect from his colleague students but also made him the icon of youth leadership across all Kenyan tertiary institutions.

Speaking to Kitwek Media, Brian said youths must see themselves as change agents and should participate in activities that will promote their interest and that of the society for a better future.

“I think it is to get up and be part of whatever that can improve our country; I think that matters more than anything. The society  must find a way of not making some disadvantages for the youth; let it be that if you are good, if you have something, you will find a place and you will get a space for you to contribute ,’’ said Brian.


As the Chairman, University of Eldoret Clubs and Societies, Brian has made significant strides to promote unity, talents and quality education within the university. His great efforts have made him to be one of the respected student leaders whose opinion is being highly valued by comrades and the university administration.

According to Brian Too, Youth involvement in politics should not be seen as taking over leadership, but contributing through ideas and talents towards nation building.

“What is very important is that we as the young generation have something, God given talent, we have dream and ideas, it is possible for us to put it into practice and actualize it.” Mr. Too added.

His influence has gone beyond the University of Eldoret for he is currently working  with other student leaders from the various Kenyan public Universities  to come up with  an inclusive system that will enable Kenya’s  tertiary institutions to have a competitive talent promotion structure and promote education through talents and vice versa.

“There is always an opportunity rising for us to reflect on the lives of the country’s young people, who are tomorrow’s parents, guardians, and leaders in all spheres of life ranging from politics, tradition, religion, economics and corporates.” Said Brian adding that It is imperative that Kenyan youths are brought up and trained in a manner that there will be comfort that such responsibilities will be bequeathed unto them.


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