Big Blow to LREB as kakamega residents move to court to block Ksh 200Million contribution by county government

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Kakamega Residents have moved to court in demonstration against ksh 200M LREB county contribution.

Another blow to Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) after failing to satisfy the views of the public in Kakamega County.


On Thursday Morning, Kakamega residents moved to court to block the county government from contributing  ksh 200Million towards formation of a regional bank.

They demand the county government of Kakamega to spend the money in development projects.

According to the residents , no public participation has been carried out despite some sections of LREB Financial Bill requiring the consent from members of the public.

Kakamega’s new direction in respect to the regional bloc comes when other member counties continue expressing their views against LREB financial Bill.


Nandi County for instance led by Senator Samson Cherargei has stated that no county resources will be channelled  to the much hyped regional bloc without carrying out a public participation.

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Kakamega residents who also pointed out the position some of the  neighbouring counties (Nandi) is taking.

They stated that the regional bloc is not a priority since Kakamega need developement not a bank.


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