Court Denies 69-year-old man request to legally become a young man

69-year-old man’s request to make himself more attractive to women on Tinder and other dating apps has been denied by court.

A Natherlands court on Monday rejected a Dutchman’s legal bid to knock 20 years off his age.

Mr Emile through his lawyer had started a legal bid to become 20 years younger so as to be attractive to women in dating apps.

Mr. Emile Ratelband

He also argues that getting himself younger would boost his job prospects.

Judge M. Van die Linde ruled that allowing Mr Elime to knock off 20years would make him loose his identity, and his rights & obligations connected to age such as voting, marriage, alcohol drinking and driving.

“Such limits would lose their meaning, if people were allowed to change their age at will,” the court ruled.

According to Judge Van die Linder, wiping 20 years of a person’s life would also “imply that the 20 years in which [the applicant] did live would disappear in the registers” — thereby bringing into question any qualifications gained in that period, or indeed spouses and children accrued.


The self-defined while speaking to the media after the court rulling pointed out that he will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

He insists his quest to turn the clock forward on his birth certificate is not over, stating the global and family support as his strength during this fight.


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