First Class University Graduate Burns Charcoal to Gather for Family in Baringo

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Via Baringo Capital News


They say life is a tiresome journey, packed with ups and downs and it’s not easily endured by many, only but few fellows with solid spirits can overcome.

Meet a university graduate, who has been forced to burn and sell charcoal due to unbearable poverty, in bid to feed their family despite passing with flying colors.

Ruth Jemutai Rono who hails from sleepy Lelbatai village, Cheplambus location in Tenges ward has a story to tell, a painful story which she encountered on earth and still tackles it upto today.

The firstborn in family of 8, was raised in a humble background, went to Lelbatai primary, later joined Tobagon girls secondary school where she emerged with an aggregate of A_ with 74 points, despite studying with difficulties of school fees.


“It was by God’s grace that I even completed my high school studies and did great, since i was frequently sent home to look for fees”, Jemutai told the media.

“My mother struggled so much but could not be able to meet the needs for entire family, since our drunkard father never supported us at all”, she added.

She said that she completed her form four with a fee balance of over 90,000 shillings in which her teachers helped to clear it after posting a stunning performance.

Two years later, neighbors and community members teamed up for a fundraising, enabling her to join Chuka University, to pursue bachelor’s degree of Science in economics and statistics, where she started surviving with HELB loans all through.

[PHOTO|Alex Muhindi]

After tough struggles in college, she she emerged among the top students, graduating with first class honors in November 2015.

Bad omen started befalling their family after her reckless irresponsible father burnt down all their grass_thatched houses in March 2016, rendering them homeless

This forced their ailing mother to flee away for her life, leaving behind other helpless siblings.

“By then i had started hustling in Nairobi when the unfortunate incident occurred, I then relocated back home to help my younger siblings as everything was reduced to zero”, she said while sobbing in tears, when she recalled the tough situation where her primary and secondary certificates were also reduced to ashes.

Her efforts of looking for job opportunities had become paralysed.

She started building temporary shelters and looked for casual jobs to sustain them,

Her life all through has been backed with myriad of challenges, just staying at home without any job.

[PHOTO|Alex Muhindi]

On top of the problems, two of her sisters are disabled and require full attention daily.

She said she applied for a post of accountant in the recently advertised County internships and prays God to open doors of blessings to her.

“I daily pray God to open my doors since everything awaits for me at home. If i get even a small job I will be so thankful.

Area MCA Silas Tochim said he shall work tirelessly to see her get a slot in one of the county internship positions.


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