Hon Mishra warns Kenyans seeking treatment in India of fraudsters

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There have been reports of some doctors commercializing the decision of sending patients abroad for treatment without following up clinical judgement.

Kesses constituency member of parliament Hon Dr. Swarup Mishra has warned Kenyans seeking medical attention in India to be careful.


Many Kenyans suffering from cancer have been streaming to India seeking for medical treatment following shortage of facilities for managing the condition in the country.

Opting to go to India has been ordinarily expensive considering the airfare, accommodation and treatment.

Ironically, Kenyan patients have found this far cheaper than seeking treatment in Kenya.

Hon Mishra, Kesses MP [PHOTO:Courtesy]
Medical tourism has also morphed into the multi-billion dollar industry in the 21st century.


A study by the Confederation of Indian Industry in 2005 put the annual number of medical tourists at 150,000.

The study also projected the figure to rise by more than 15 per cent every year. Current estimates put the numbers at 500,000

Speaking on Tuesday, Kesses legislator said there exist cartels comprising of medical practitioners in Kenya sending cancer patients to India without following up the requirements.

According to him, Kenyans are loosing alot of money after being lured to seek treatment in India yet the same treatment is available in the country.

Dr. Mishra promised to table a Bill before the parliament to protect innocent Kenyans from cartels who have taken over the medical tourism industry.

He also called on the office of Indian High Commissioner to Kenya to stop providing medical tourism travelling documents without approval from Kenya’s


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