How to get Foreign Boyfriend

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Here’s the tips you need to know if you
Want a foreign boyfriend.

Start Doing important things in Your Life: 


If you don’t have a job and you’re not in school you better have something else going on in your life. Foreign men typically don’t like leeches and if you live with your parents, don’t have a job and aren’t a student what the hell are you doing? Take a good look at your life and work on you before trying to get a foreign boyfriend or you might become that cheap and desperate Kenyan girl stalker that all foreign boys know about.

Be interesting.

Talk about what interests you and hopefully it’s more than nails and new shoes. Foreigners probably don’t know much about CKenyan history so if you have some interesting bits of information, share them.

Avoid mentioning marriage at all

Foreign guys will run like the wind from a girl who brings up any topic about marriage. Foreign guys hate that kind of pressure. If marriage is your first priority, don’t even bother with a foreign boyfriend.


Close your mouth when eating

 It might be a cultural thing, but it’s considered very rude by western standards. If he’s looking at you his eyebrows raised and you can hear yourself smacking your lips like a cow, just stop.

Don’t bring girlfriends on a date

 He’s already got you to try to impress and not only is it rude to expect him to pay for two of you, he’s going to feel awkward by your friend who is sitting bored in the corner.
He might like your friend better than you. Avoid this danger, be a big girl and go on your own.

Don’t ask him to buy you anything

It’s called a gold digger and maybe it doesn’t reflect badly on you in Kenya, but by western standards you’ve just proved you are more interested in money than the man. You can even offer to pay sometimes at dinner. He will definitely turn you down, but be impressed that you offered.

Don’t insult western culture.

“Foreigners are too open-minded.” “Why are foreingers so fat?” If you have something bad to say about their culture just know they could give it back to you ten fold. What are you doing with a foreigner anyway if you think their culture as so repulsive. Saying things like “Western culture is so different from here” or “I find foreigners way of life so interesting” is definately ok.

Don’t just sit there

If there is a silence for too long he’s probably quite uncomfrotable. Try taking the lead and making some conversation. “What kind of food do you eat at home?” “Do you like shopping in Kenya?” Even, “What do you think about African beer?” It should get the conversation flowing again.

Dress nicely

Don’t wear sweat shirts or sweat pants and do your hair. It feels stupid butmany men go on dates with girls in sloppy clothes and hair pulled back in a greasy pony tail. If you show up like this he’s going to assume you don’t care about what he thinks and therefore aren’t really interested in him. Even if you aren’t a girly girl this is a date so try to impress.

Do brush your teeth

There are Kenyan ladies whose breathe would kill small animals. Whether you want to get kissed or not, bad breathe is a huge turn off.

Don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu

 It’s a typical move of a western girl who doesn’t really like a guy and just wants a nice free meal to order the most expensive thing in the restaurant.

Don’t ask how much money he makes

It’s rude to begin with and it’s totally unacceptable to ask a foreign boyfriend you are on a date with. He’ll immediately think you just want money.

If you do ask and he says a high number don’t look excited, if he says a low number don’t look depressed and be uninterested the rest of the evening.

Go to foreign places

Try the cafes foreigners frequent. Bars are a little more dangerous because a foreign man in a local bar is rarely looking for a girlfriend.

Be friendly and chatty 

Have something to talk about. If you see a guy reading a book in a Cafe or even on the bus don’t be afraid to ask him what he is reading and what it’s about. If he doesn’t pick up the conversation with you or tries to go back to reading his book just say “nice meeting you.” and walk away. He might change his mind and come talk to you. If he doesn’t it’s his loss.

Don’t act like he is a celebrity.

 He’s just a normal guy with different background. Don’t treat him like he’s royalty. This gives him too much opportunity to take advantage of you and know you’ll always call him if he doesn’t call you. Keep the upper hand.

Dating a foreign guy can be a whole new world.

 Be prepared to see him chat with other girls and not feel guilty or the need to hide he is doing it. Westerners have friends who are girls and they have nothing romantic going on.

Hold your African jealousy back, because it will chase a foreign boyfriend away faster than a stampeding elephant. Don’t call him all the time or send a million text messages.

Calling once a day and waiting for him to call you is ok. Don’t send tons of texts because he didn’t answer your call. He might be at work, or maybe he’s not that into you. You have to wait and see.

If he blows you off and doesn’t answer your calls or text, move on instead of getting creepy and going to his house or place of work or calling up his friends. Dating a foreigner is a big change, if you handle it properly you’ll be in a relationship in no time.


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