Initiation ceremonies will take place setyot has not blossomed, Kipsigis elders assures

Setyot issue will not stop initiation ceremonies from taking place, kipsigis elders have assured the community.

For the past two months, there has been heated discussions on uncertainty as to whether kipsigis parents will initiate their sons this year .

Anxiety and fear had developed among the community after Information that Mimulopsis solmsii ( Setyot/nugu) plant had flowered.

Mimulopsis solmsii plant (setyot)

According to Kipsigis community, when setyot plant blossoms ,it is a sign of bad omen and young boys should not be  circumcised in such a season has misfortune befalls on the initiates.

It is believed that boys circumcised when setyot had flowered end up trembling at the touch of arrows and other tools.

The uncertainty forced Kipsigis Council of Elders to a fact finding mission and on Friday, the elders met at Kapkatet Stadium in Kericho County.

Kipsigis elders during a meeting at Kapkatet Stadium [PHOTO:Courtesy]
This came after the community had witnessed divergent views from the various councill of elders. Yesterday’s meeting brought together elders from all the clans.


Samples of four plants were tabled before the elders and after hours of tracing back the history of each plant and studying the current life cycle they are in, elders finally dismissed the reports that setyot had blossom.

Confirming that Setyot has not flowered, the elders pointed out that the four plants are confusing due to their similarities and those behind the information that has placed the community in uncertainty are people who cannot differentiate setyot and the three other plants.

The plants brought before them were;
1. Igong’et
2. Setyot
3. Sitiriat
4. Tutung’wet

The elders found that out of the four only Setyot plant has not blossomed hence plans to have initiation ceremonies should continue.


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