Kalenjin Man spices up the internet for celebrating birthday with ugali & Mursik

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Birthday memories tend to hold a special place in our hearts. Every year people work out on how to make their birthdays something they can look back on with fondness.

Everybody hopes to have a memorable birthday. Making it a reality has been a challenge as many get nauseous even thinking about celebrating their birthdays.


This is because it generally  means going out with an unusually large group of friends (some of whom they haven’t even seen since last year’s debauchery on their day of birth), and drink an obscene amount of alcohol.

For Mr Kitur a resident of Nandi County, all he needed to make his day memorable was an element of cultural value and a unique step out of the normal birthday traditions.

On Saturday , photos of Mr Kitur & his family spiced up the internet many braving the celebration as a unique way to appreciate the African culture and traditions.

On the photos the happy family is seen cutting the birthday cake (Ugali) and drinking Mursik .


Mr Kitur & His family during the birthday celebration [PHOTO: facebook]

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