Kikuyu Elders Embarrassed by Central leaders Rebelling Against Uhuru, Says Community Owes DP Ruto no Debt

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Kikuyu elders are ashamed of leaders from Central Kenya who have rebelled against President Uhuru Kenyatta.


The elders were speaking during a meeting with Mau Mau veterans on Saturday held in Nyeri that was also attended by Kamba and Meru elders.

The elders were led by Duncan Kariuki, Chairman of Matigari Mau Mau, Bishop David Kiarie of Fishers of Men church and David Muthoga the national vice chairman of the Kikuyu Council of Elders.

They said Kikuyu community will only back a presidential candidate in 2022 who will have supported President Kenyatta to achieve his development agenda under the Big Four.

David Muthoga challenged the leaders to wait for official campaign time saying they cannot be going around the country insulting Uhuru Kenyatta and expect his community to support them.


He called on political leaders to respect the President because he means good for Kenyans.

Mr. Muthoga added that there are politicians who are obsessed with power and are going all over the country insulting the head of state.

He warned that the leaders should desist disrespecting President Kenyatta if they want support from the community.

The elders also said they were embarrassed by a section of leaders from Central who have joined forces against the head of state.

Muthoga pointed out that the Deputy President has not been short-changed by the Kikuyu but shall be among candidates the community will negotiate with about President Uhuru’s succession.

He further stressed that there was no agreement between the Kalenjin and Kikuyu communities that the later would support Ruto’s take over from President Uhuru.

Muthoga said he do not remember the council signing any MoU with the Kalenjin elders to support DP Ruto in 2022 adding that the council will continue engaging with all community elders to ensure peaceful coexistence.

The elders reiterated that if there was any agrement, it could have been President Uhuru and his deputy hence know what they agreed upon themselves but the two communities are just friends.

On his part, the National chairman of Matigari Mau Mau group, Duncan Kariuki disparaged leaders appearing to be fighting President Uhuru’s administration.

According to Kariuki, some people are very educated what they say is not useful to Kenya.


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