KIPKORIR KUTO: Sing’ore Bubble Bursts

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Last year an hitherto obscure school somewhere in the north rift stunned the nation when it emerged the best school nationally, It upstaged academic giants of yore.

Come January 2018 every parent in Kenya was calling the Sing’ore girls seeking admission for their girls in this new academic gem.


Polymaths and pundits in matters education threw caution to the wind and declared the school a pedagogical miracle in the rift…

The principal had an hectic time answering the numerous calls and messages almost burst her phone from principals of other schools inviting her to give motivational speeches to their schools or from media houses calling her for prime time news interview.

Her own teachers also cashed in on this stardom. You just needed to say you are a teacher at Sing’ore girls and room invitations for motivational speeches to educational gatherings and schools start coming fast and furious.

Yes the Sing’ore Miracle..
Fast forward to November 2018 , KNEC , NSIS and the entire government machinery intrigued by the Sing’ore feat decide to land at the school to witness the girls replicate the miracle.


So a KNEC official would be there everyday or so it is claimed!! The girls maintained their cool as they filled the cloze test in grammar papers or as they wrestled with the chemical equations in the chemistry papers completely undeterred by the prying eyes of the doubting Thomases..

Come the release of the 2018 KCSE results and everyone waited for the Sing’ore girls miracle.. The school was nowhere . It didn’t produce even a single student in the top hundred best candidates..

It posted a mean score of 4.8, You see miracles always miscarry when watched or doubted.

Now another obscure school from Nyanza by the name Orero boys is the news having conjured up another near Sing’ore type miracle. A miracle aptly dubbed the lake Miracle.

Allegedly the school presented 283 candidates for KCSE and all qualified for the university.
Lest you forget a single school in western Kenya produced 300 straight As in 2015 but the same school didn’t manage even ten As in 2016 when matiang’i appeared on the scene.

We need to ask how comes a school can top in the country and the following year fail to make it even in the top 200!

This makes a case for reshuffling of center managers. If we have principals managing different centers other than their own coupled with other stringent measures meant to secure exam integrity we shall have stopped these epileptic results and have schools posting steady real results.

Let’s jealously protect the integrity of our education.


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