Nandi county’s fate in LREB kicks back as Senator sets conditions

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The fate of Nandi County’s position at the much hyped Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) is on a loom.

The county government has been forced back to drawing board by Nandi Senator after giving governor Sang a set of  conditions which if not met, LREB is likely to miss financial support from Nandi.


Nandi county governor HE Stephen Sang while responding to Senator Samson Cherargei in a public function had  reiterated that he was not going to contribute a single cent towards formation of LREB bank.

Governor Stephen Sang [PHOTO: Courtesy]
Weeks later at a summit in Bomet County, governor Sang made a U-turn saying the regional bloc has full support from his administration.

According to Nandi Senator Hon Samson Cherargei, no county resources should be channeled to LREB without carrying out a public participation.

“I am not against Nandi being part of the regional bloc. Nandi residents are the stake holders and their views should be respected”, Senator Cherargei stated.


According to the senator, expenditure on developement is a priority. Nandi residents need developement projects  and not a regional bank.

Senator Samson Cherargei

This comes at a time, Nandi county appeared in number seven of Auditor General’s list of wasteful counties.

Nandi among other 13 counties intend to inject KSh 2.8B in the bank.

The 14 counties have already started scouting for potential institutions for them to buy a controlling stak.

Speaking on June after a closed indoor meeting held in Busia, governor Oparanya said member counties will undertake intensive sensitisation campaign.

The campaign as he had said was to target county assemblies and citizens to educate them on the bloc’s legal agreement.

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Public participation is yet to be done in Nandi county even after a section of MCAs expressed their reservations over some sections of the LREB Financial Bill.

They pointed out that some sections require consent of the residents through a public participation.


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