Nandi Governor in Trouble after county PSB shortlisted female candidates

Nandi County Governor HE Stephen Sang is once again at the center of a heated debate.

On Tuesday, the county government of Nandi produced a list of shortlisted candidates who applied for the various positions in the county public service.

Unexpectedly Nandi residents went guns blazing on social media criticizing the list.


Screenshot of shortlisted candidates [PHOTO: Facebook]
According to them, 99% of those shortlisted are female candidates dispite having male candidates who applied.

The residents blamed governor Sang’s administration for pinning down the aspirations and dreams of the ‘boy child’.

Nandi County Public Service Board Announcement [PHOTO:CGN]
The residents are more concerned with the shortlisting of individuals who completed their college & University studies contrary to the requirements in experience.

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This came just two weeks after one youth leader accused the Nandi Governor of letting down the youths.

The following are reactions from members of the public to a post on social media seen by Kitwek Spotlight Media.

“……This man was a senator then you voted him for governor. Kwani hiyo five years yote hamukujua hii moshenee. Nandiekab sinaa……”

“……..Today i realised for the first time thatcthe call for applications through advertisement is a scam…look how those who applied dont understand the criteria of shortlisting applicants. Some clinical officers graduated 7years ago, such a shame!………”

“………25 men, 56 ladies your complains are valid. Boy child is a endangered species…….”

“…….Niliapply but sioni my name unfair……..”



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