Nandi Senator Demands renewal of irregularly terminated contracts for county employees

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Nandi Senator is demanding the county government of Nandi to renew contracts for all county employees whose contracts were irregularly terminated.

Firebrand Senator Hon Samson  Cherargei has faulted Governor Sang’s administration of robbing the rights of its employees.


This comes after a memo by the County Government of Nandi directed termination of contracts for all the contracted employees.

The memo dating October 29, 2018 indicates no contracts shall be renewed and instructs all staff whose contracts have lapsed not to report to work.

Senator Cherargei said governor Sang’s administration is unfairly targeting workers that were employed by the previous administration.

Nandi Senator Hon Samson Cherargei [PHOTO:Courtesy]
He stated that most of the employees have served dutifully and diligently in their roles and they fully deserve a renewal of their contracts to continue serving.


Senator Cherargei added that the only crime they committed was being employed by the previous administration.

The Senator said most of the employees targeted were casual workers who depended on the jobs as the only source of their livelihood.

He said the casual workers earned barely enough even to sustain their lives coupled with increased economy.

“The move to render them jobless would rob them of their only source of livelihood and drastically affect their lives, their families and the community.” He stated.

He said the County Government should be creative and innovative and work with the private sector to create employment and generate more revenue.

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“As Parliament, we are working with the National Government Executive to make legislation and improve policy and business environment to attract investors.

The County Government should leverage on this to look for investors such as agro-processors to set up locally and partner to create employment and generate more revenue,” he said.

The vocal Rift valley’s legislator who is also the Chair to the Justice, legall Affairs & Human Rights Senate committee said said the parliament was working to create conducive business environment that attracts investments.


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