Nandi Senator warns rogue police officers harassing Boda Boda Operators

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In Summary, 

  • Rogue police officers in Nandi County are reportedly taking advantage of the new laws to harass residents.
  • Boda boda sector in Nandi  has seen many jobless youth engage in productive work and earn a livelihood.

Nandi Senator Wakili Kiprotich Cherargei has cautioned police officers against harassing boda boda operators with new laws that he said require a window of compliance.


He said some rogue police officers were taking advantage of the new laws that are yet to take effect to extort money from boda boda operators in Nandi.

“I have received multiple complaints that there are rogue police officers who are harassing our boda boda operators to the extent of leaving some of these operators bankrupt or injured. The police officers stop these operators and extort money from them with threats of arrest,” he said.

Senator Cherargei with Boda Boda operators on Tuesday Evening [PHOTO: OSNC]
The firebrand Senator called on the Government through the traffic department to stop harassing boda boda operators with the new laws that he said are yet to be effected.

“The Government must compel the police to stop the harassment because the boda boda sector offers employment to a large number of youths in our county and this sector is a contributor to our economy,” he said.

He said the boda boda sector has seen many jobless youth in the county engage in productive work and earn a livelihood keeping them off crime and destructive behavior.


“The youths who have invested in this sector do not want to engage in unlawful acts such as robbery and the like and that is why they took up loans from banks and other financial institutions to purchase these motorcycles,” he said.

“From where do they get the money to repay the loans if the little they get is taken away or they are not allowed to operate?” he pondered.

Senator Cherargei was speaking after meeting boda boda operators at Chepterit Trading Center in Nandi County. He said the Government must protect the youth and provide a conducive working environment for boda boda operators.

He said the boda boda operators are wonderful young people and they are ready to comply with the new regulations but they require a window of compliance.

Transport and Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary James Macharia had indicated that the boda boda sector will be guided by the new regulations by February next year.

Senator Cherargei said police officers must adhere to the directive given by ministry and wait for the compliance window to lapse before enforcing the new laws.

He urged boda boda operators to be vigilant to guard against extortion by rogue police officers and report any cases of harassment.


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