Serious Negative Effects Of Avocado

Avocado (Persea Americana) is a pear shaped green fleshed fruit known worldwide for its health benefits.

Avocado contains 25 natural vitamins and minerals which forms essential nutrients used to treat various skin conditions & health problems.

It is a native fruit to Guam, Mexico and Central America.Other varieties of Avocado are found in Colombia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, West India and Africa.


While it is known for its natural ingredients, Avocado is also harmful when consumed in excess quantities.

Adverse Side Effects of Avocados 

1. Damages the mammary glands,  reduces milk production

Eating avocado during pregnancy and breast feeding reduces milk production. It also causes damage to the mammary gland.


If a breast feeding mother consumes avocado in large quantities, the baby will have an upset stomach.

2. Causes Skin reaction and vomiting

Avocado causes skin reaction and vomiting when consumed by individuals suffering from hypersensitivity.

3. Leads to terrible skin issues.

Avocado oils has adverse effects on human skin. This causes terrible skin issues arising from allergies.

Symptoms of allergy are itching, eczema and gives.

4. Causes Liver Damage 

Mexican avocado which contains estragole and anethole damages liver health.

The two elements have been tested for carcinogenic reactions .

5. Increase in Body Weight

The fruit is a high calorie food hence increases body weight if taken in large amount.

6. Causes Mouth Allergy

If Avocado is excessively consumed, it results in itching sensation in the mouth and swelling of the tounge.


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