Shocking details;How Mpesa Agents in Eldoret are making Millions in profits

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Mpesa is the most profitable mobile innovation in Kenya and is no doubt an inevitable part of our lives.

From sending and receiving money,doing bank transactions,paying rent(Lipa Kodi),school fees(Lipa Karo) and shopping(Lipa Na Mpesa).


Strange thing though for those that have never been involved in the business have no clue on how it operates in the back end.

Mpesa agent attending to a customer [PHOTO: courtesy]
Most of safaricom profits come from Mpesa and over hundred thousand kenyan agents depend on mpesa commissions for their livelihoods.That said, mpesa is a major employer in Kenya. Although it’s a lucrative business with billions of shillings transacted daily, most of the agents don’t last to enjoy their first birthday.

Mpesa Agents earn money through making deposits and facilitating withdrawals.

In Eldoret town 95% Agents are located at strategic locations and are making higher transactions thus earning more commissions.


Why Mpesa Agents in Eldoret are making more profits 

1. Easy to start

Mpesa business requires Ksh 50,000-Ksh150, 000 in capital, a license and a physical location.

Unlike other businesses that require several procedures, workers and office equipment, this one is relatively easy to start.

2. Mpesa done  alongside other businesses

Most of  MPESA shops in Eldoret have been incorporated with other businesses, like electronics shop and a general shop.

3.Low operating expenses

MPESA operating expenses are low in Eldoret town.

4. High Profits 

Strategic location of the Mpesa Businesses in Eldoret has prevented flooding even with the high growth.

This has made entrepreneurs to continue enjoying maximum profits.


MPESA is one of the most insecure businesses in the country.

Most of Mpesa shops in Eldoret are located in secure premises.

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Below are samples of the Mpesa commission tables for Mpesa agents.

If you want to Know how much Mpesa agents earn per Transaction check the Mpesa 2018 Commission tables below.

Mpesa Commission Table For Withdrawals.

Mpesa agents will earn the following commissions. Commissions depend on the withdrawal transaction range.

Mpesa Commission Table For Deposits.

Mpesa agents will earn the following commissions. Commissions depend on the deposit transaction range.

Deposit Range Commission In Ksh
50-100 4
101-510 8
511-1,010 9
1,011-1,510 10
1,511-2,510 11
2,511-3,510 12
3,511-5,010 14
5,011-7,510 20
7,511-10,010 28
10,011-15,010 40
15,011-20,020 55
20,021-25,020 71
25,021-30,020 87
30,021-35,020 103
35,021-40,020 119
40,021-45,020 135
45,021-50,020 150
50,021-60,020 190
60,021-70,000 190

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