Stop harassing traders, Senator Cherargei Condemns the county administration of Nandi

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In Summary,

  • Business environment across trading centers in Nandi is restrictive & punitive
  • Small Medium Entrepreneurs operate in pathetic environment.
  • Nandi Senator accuses the county government of harassing traders.

Small scale businesses in Nandi County are contributing to economic growth and development through income generation and employment creation.

Senator Cherargei engaging with traders at Mosoriot Center [PHOTO:Courtesy]

Senator Cherargei on Saturday pointed out that Nandi County administration must facilitate small scale traders, by providing the right infrastructure, formulating proper policies, minimising administrative and legal bottlenecks in addition to operating a favourable tax regime.

The senator noted the business environment across trading centers in Nandi county as restrictive and punitive.

Cherargei pointed out that small scale traders in Nandi operate in pathetic environment.

He stated that the infrastructure in market stalls/shades; lighting, water, toilets is appalling.

Traders giving out their grievances to Senator Cherargei [PHOTO:Courtesy]

“Tax structures are prohibitive, making it difficult for the small scale traders to break even, let alone make a profit”, he said.

Speaking to traders of Mosoriot township, Cherargei reiterated that the county government of Nandi must end constant harassment and demolition of stalls for traders.

“Our small scale traders must be treated with respect like other traders in the formal sector because they also contribute to growth of the economy”, he added.

The Senator stated that County Government should provide alternative sites before they move traders, and address pertinent questions facing the small scale traders to create a conducive environment that facilitates such enterprises.


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