Win or Burst in Chesumei premier league as teams get down to action for season’s title

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It was a tough time over the weekend as Chesumei football premier league sets course

The beginning of the much awaited Chesumei constituency festive season soccer games was marked on 3rd November at Mosoriot Teachers Training College.


They onset brought together four teams to a clash the Titans as each went out of their way to set limits to favour them.

Gonga-Gonga FC, Mosoriot FC, RedBacks FC ,New Saints and Young Boys FC all filled with wheels of determination to conquer the walls of the challenge met on Saturday morning.

Gonga-Gonga FC & Mosoriot FC gave the league it’s honour of being the first teams to play.

James Kiplimo 7 gave Mosoriot FC their first goal against Gonga-Gonga FC. Minutes later Silas Kiprop 6 of Gonga-Gonga equalized with Geoffrey Kosgei 9 making a 2-1 win for Gonga-Gonga.


New Saints and Young Boys FC took the mid day to their best with Geoffrey Cheruyot 9 of Young Boys earning his team a 2-0 win.

The climax of the day was marked by the game between Sekemik FC Vs RedBacks FC. Sekemik FC made their impressive start against RedBacks with 5-3.

Sekemik FC player Ian Kibet 9 gave his team a spectacular 2 scores in the first half that was later flagged by Josphat Kipng’etich who scored 3 goals.

RedBacks FC striker William Yego gave Sekemik FC a taste of his capabilities by scoring three goals.

The next series will take place next Saturday.


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