Youth Profile; Cleotilda Jemutai

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For many people, modelling is a glamorous and alluring career which offers you name and fame in a very short span of time.

The youngsters of this era have the strong determination to earn name and fame by selecting the alluring career for them.


Modelling is an exciting and thrilling career which offers all these benefits in a very short period of time. Many young and beautiful faces join the modelling and acting career with lots of dreams in their eyes.

Without a doubt, modelling and acting field brings numerous offers to make money by earning fame, once you get recognized in this sector.

This sector is well known for giving you the star like treatment and a lavish lifestyle.  These advantages have made this career very interesting choice among the youth.

Nandi Society is no exceptional, it is blessed with a number of personalities and Meet JEMUTAI CLEOTILDA a third year student in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agricultural & Technology taking BSc. Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering and a resident of Emgwen sub county who is among the few youths who have come out to appreciate our community through modeling. 


Cleotilda is one of the Nandi residents who want to see that goodness and anything that is best initiates from Nandi community and she is one of the few individuals who stand to make a difference in our  society.

She has a lot of faith in her vision  to change the lives of her fellow youths and she say;

I moved into modeling due to;
♦ Passion of fashion
♦ Modeling is the most appropriate way to communicate to a lot of audience and I believe I  can transform the passion that I have and mentor my fellow Nandi girls and ladies to find out their purpose in life be it modeling, acting or any other talent.
♦ Iam proud to be part of Nandi Culture and tradition, a pillar of our community that is really admired by many people and modeling is another way to showcase our traditional heritage and embrace it and a way of carrying forward our traditional values & culture to the next generation.
♦ As we transform our society to meet the standards of the global community, we consider our future generations and youths are the major stake holders in the triangle of societal transformation and having a talent that one can invest in it can bring unity among the youth and also open up more opportunities to our young ones by expository the right platform resulting to getting income through their talents. And modeling is just one of the greatest talent and a royal gift to invest in.
I have participated in the Miss JKUAT competitions and I long to taking part in Miss Tourism and Environment Nandi County.
I also have plans to help me and gear my desire and will to nature individuals having the same passion as mine and after which we will grow our personalities to the pinnacle of Nandi community and Kenya at large.
I urge my fellow Nandi people to consider and support one another as far as talents is concerned . And to anyone having a talent, know that a talent is a natural gift for you to exploit your potential and live a great life. – their is no limit to your potential, the only limit is YOURSELF.

If you are interested and want to know more about modeling as a talent contact me through:




Jemutai is one of the individuals who needs our support wherever we can to help her move higher and grow great and us doing so we are giving her an opportunity, great chance and a strong foundation of a platform that she will use to help our young people to realize their own abilities as they grow.

Kitwek Spotlight Youth Profile strives to acknowledge youths like Cleotilda and support them as they make a great great society.


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